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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Red and White :)

Wanting to get as many tasks out of the way before The Day (only 2 weeks to go!!) I started thinking (as you do) about a colour scheme for my stall that gave a nod towards Christmas, without going overboard on glitz 'n' gold.

Not having set up shop for such a long time, I confess I'm feeling a tad apprehensive about re-creating the "look" that used to flow so effortlessly twice a week on my round of regular fairs.

Rummaging through the linen cupboard for inspiration I found the scrumptous string of  polka-dot and shabby floral bunting that I won in the Winnibriggshouse Giveaway earlier this year.

Handmade by Jenny, it even has my name embroidered on it, so how perfect is that. . .and what better colour scheme to use on the stall than red and white!


Mollimoo said...

Ooh, lovely bunting! I shall be along on the day as I'm just up the road in Colehill. It's about time we had some lovely fairs nearer to home..well done! I'm really looking forward to it x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Elaine, I know from what you buy that your stand will be fab!
I on the otherhand will be using the same fabric on my stand that you have already seen!!

BusyLizzie said...

oh girls, I can feel a bit of a challenge coming on! I tend to veer towards green.. but who knows? I might do something different this time!!

winnibriggs said...

Thanks Elaine for the kind words...yet again! I really wish you all the very best and know it will go fabulously. Just wish I could be there. Have put both your giveaway and your fair announcement on my sidebar and will include them both in my next post (Hope you don't mind I have borrowed your piccies, but only for this)
Jenny x

shirley said...

Well I am having a major flap!!! I haven`t stood a fair for over 10 years! All I can say is.............................