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Monday, 8 November 2010

Flyers..Cards..Posters..Sandwich Boards..Whatever!

If any of you have flyers, business cards, brochures. . .indeed any written details of events, fairs, shops or websites that you run, and you would like me to put them out on the tea tables at the Vintage Fair for people to take, please either send them to me (contact email on the sidebar and I'll send you my address) or bring them with you to the Village Hall on the day.


BusyLizzie said...

What a great idea, we all need to network for each other don't we! Lizzie x

ted and bunny said...

Yes! we do!
I've realised the importance of this more with the Fair than at any other time.
People are being SO helpful and I know that if we all pull together and help eachother we will all be that much stronger.

I asked a lady in a vintage-lifestyle shop (I've known and bought from her for some 10 years) if she would display a poster for me and she replied "it costs me a lot of money to open that door every morning, and any money you take at your fair takes money away from my business"

I can absolutely see her reasoning, but if only one person took her card at the fair and spent ££s pre-Christmas on her beautiful stock, she would replenish that shortfall- and retain the goodwill!

Here endeth the lesson! xx

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Elaine
I can not understand the logic of that woman!
I am sure that you handled the situation diplomatically, I would have been totally gobsmacked!
Not long until M is in the tea room, I feel that we maybe taking lavender muffins home with us. I do not know how you will calculate numbers, rather you than me. We will be visiting Tom at Sparsholt the day after so may have to take him a goody box for him and is chums.