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Friday, 1 October 2010

recipes recipes recipes. . .

recipes recipes recipes. . .

My task next week is to select the cakes for the Village Hall kitchen.
I've decided definitely on lavender muffins which I baked for Shirley's wedding cake-stack, and also a good old-fashioned boiled fruitcake, but if you have a favourite tried-and-tested cake recipe, that's easy to bake in a large quantity and will freeze or store well for a few weeks, please send me any other ideas you think will fit the bill.

For some strange reason, Ted has expressed rather a lot of interest in this aspect of the fair and says all suggestions will need to be thoroughly tested. . .;-0)


Hesta Nesta said...

OOH I agree with Ted, and if I lived nearer I am sure I would be his assistant taster!!
Jo xx

Annie said...

I like the sound of the lavender muffins and fruit cake is my favourite. carrot cake is always popular and I have very easy recipe somewhere for carrot and orange cupcakes.
Ann x